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Glamr Totally glamorous work that challenged our conceptualizations of the word “glamour.”

The work we received speaks toward, in, around, and about what’s unspeakable, what must be spoken, toward who’s speaking, to who’s listening, and to who might declare it glamorous.

But who gets to speak for glamour?

Featuring the work of Pratt Graduate Writing faculty and students.

The Felt Editions 3

We Live Here We live here is a collection of stories, poems, meditations, and memories shared by a group of Clinton Hill senior citizens. For a year they attended bi-monthly writing workshops with Pratt MFA Writing alum Maria Baker, who worked with them to create this first in/extension volume.

In/extension: means to reach out, invite, and provide (publication) space for voices from beyond the Pratt Institute campus. In/extension: means to create community books.

We Live Here
in/extension vol. 1

Alternate Realities If reality is unlivable, but we still believe life is inherently beautiful, what choice do we have but to resist?

Forming a bridge between the real and unreal, the poetry and prose experiments in this volume articulate a literary interruption to our capital-obsessed reality. Moving individually and as a collective body, the work here, armed by history, stages resistance by reimagining and reconstructing futurity.

Featuring the work of Pratt Graduate Writing faculty and students.

Alternate Realities
The Felt Editions 2

The Felt: Fulling book cover How we activate our poetic practices and mobilize in the direction of healing.

The first edition from The Felt, featuring the work of Pratt Graduate Writing faculty and students.

The Felt: Fulling
The Felt Editions 1


An online journal of poetry and prose produced by Pratt Institute’s MFA in Writing, The Felt is interested in the creation and cultivation of emancipatory poetic spaces for felt sentiments that have been marginalized, displaced, or estranged from the dominant culture. Like the textile of its namesake, The Felt is an intricate entanglement unlimited in every direction. We strive to publish disobedient and daring work that invites departure, resistance, engagement, and the collaborative, tender-hearted making of new knowledge.

Complex experiences invite complex readings. Lived experience shapes and influences what we create and how we create it. We feel it is no longer viable to hold the artist separate from the work, and that the work is not bodiless. It is in the writing that the connection between body and language unfolds endlessly, and with variation. The Felt aims to undermine overwhelming whiteness and interrupt privilege through the creation and conservation of poetic spaces*—including and not limited to feminist, queer, POC, migratory, non-classist, non-ableist—in which revolutionary subjects can cultivate alternative realities.

*We acknowledge that this list is not exhaustive, impossible to complete, and constantly in flux.


We pledge to exclusively publish work that is free from bigotry, sexual exploitation, or abuse. If we publish something and are afterwards made aware that what we have published violates that statement, we will remove it. Our support is first, only, and forever with the victims of abuse on both personal and State level. We will not question, shame, or invalidate victims in any situation.

Stephon Lawrence
Phoebe Glick
Luke Degnan



Stephon Lawrence

Stephon Lawrence is a Brooklyn born & based writer and artist. Her work has appeared in Cosmonauts Avenue, Queen Mob's Teahouse, GlitterMOB, Fanzine, & other places. Her microchap //GERMZ is available from Ghost City Press. And her chapbook //EVIL TWIN is available from Resolving Host. Stephon spends her free time watching anime, yelling about white supremacy, and being cute for the 'gram. You can find her on Twitter @nnohpetss & Instagram @alphaheaux.

Phoebe Glick

Phoebe Glick is a writer concerned with preserving queer intimacy under the authoritative State. She is the author of the chapbook Period Appropriate (dancing girl press, 2016). Her writing appears or is forthcoming in Jacket 2, No, Dear, Apogee, Cosmonauts Avenue, and elsewhere. She curates Living Conditions, a reading series to benefit individuals in precarious positions due to our messed-up world.

Luke Degnan

Luke.Degnan provides labor for Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY. His writing can be found on the internet.

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E..Tracy Grinnell is the author of five books, most recently ​Hell Figures (Nightboat Books) and portrait of a lesser subject (elis press). She lives in Brooklyn and is the editor and director of Litmus Press.

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