Krystal Languell

(She loves her (grief)) (a reward (for sitting through meetings))

(My people (get into jams) (teeth knocked out) (fleshy tissue))

(She says (don’t tell him that))(The men have no jobs)

(The women do) (Apartments (like trailers) were for poor people (back there))

(She said (it doesn’t make sense) (what do you (get)) (to not know anyone))

(Rote memorization) (Thinking I would do (but a woman said I was a myth))

(Combative on occasion) (Turning (so negative) (I) (told) (you))

((Into) (emergency fund (that’s me)))

(Take note) (reverse card (carrying too many swords))

(Removing myself from the situation) (harmed no one) (I said to myself (soft))