Ruby Brunton


I say I’m a pacifist

but when some trick doesn’t

reply to my messages I’m

liable to turn murderous

or when Tyler talks about guns

armed resistance

& I nod my head like

I understand

If I go really crazy

no one will understand

A woman’s anger is only acceptable

if it bridges both meanings of mad

I sent Chris a .gif

Of Beyonce saying Goddamn Goddamn Goddamn

but I didn’t really mean it

I don’t care about your moments

or your holiday pics

when it’s silent on the edge of the river

I can think about jumping in

midtown buildings are lit up

against a dark skyline

I’m being strangled by my own passivity

I send nudes to unknown numbers

get pissed when they don’t reply

I feel unstable!

the equilibrium of bridges

is only maintained until they fall



I’d like to be your friend someday

he said, as we waited in line for plastic cups

the red kind you mix lean in

I mean the kind in which you mix lean

I said I wanted to be friends too

He flashed his teeth I flashed mine back

Like a blood pact

I open my phone to a message that says

You never sext me anymore

Which is annoying coz

Why should I have to do all the work

Besides you said Drake was ugly

Your favorite movie is High Fidelity

& you take 5 million years to tie your Converse

psssst the other night I stayed at Mike’s

he slept & I lay awake next to him

for four or five hours

is there anything worse than lying awake

next to someone who’s sleeping?

no need to get all pedantic!

I know there is

like an indescribable pain in your stomach

no doctor will believe

like never seeing a loved one again

but insomnia is an early sign of insanity

that’s what they told me

before they drugged me