Antonio McAfee
The Visionary
24 x 36"
Pigment print, 2012
El Tarta
30 x 40"
Pigment Ink on paper, 2016
Woman in Black Cross Fade
24 x 36"
Pigment print, 3D Image with 3D Glasses, 2016
Antonio McAfee’s work addresses the complexity of representation. Through appropriating and manipulating portraits, he engages in prescribed views of individuals and rework images to provide an alternate - more layered image and concept of the people depicted. His photographs oscillate between  formal considerations (modifying appearances and prints) and imaginary potential (establishing new back stories and roles) for the portraits.

The source of the artist’s current portraits (Counter-Archive Project) is The Exhibition of American Negroes organized by W.E.B. Dubois, Thomas Calloway, and Historic Black Colleges for the Paris 1900 International Exposition.