Editor's Note

This issue was developed and finalized in the closing months of 2016, when a deluge of crises both intimate and global enveloped us swiftly and left us gasping for air. New and serious danger, familiar and always-present danger, and modes of resistance we never thought possible were suddenly here with us as an overwhelming present, informing our writing and thinking in terrifying, brilliant, emotional ways.

The new president and his fascist regime consistently lie without consequence, betraying the function of language: to develop an understanding of our shared reality. Under this dominion of brutalizing non-logic, making a self-sustaining poetics of truth becomes an even more tender pursuit. White supremacy tells sloppy lies to mask its ongoing war against the poor, people of color, assigned-gender nonconforming people, immigrants and refugee populations, occupied populations around the world, the earth, the ocean, the list goes on forever. Building alternate spaces of community through language becomes even more precarious and necessary. This is now tenderness up in arms.

The poets and artists in this issue were curated with an eye toward the urgency with which they write about the devastation. So that the devastation shall not sneak away unnamed.

In this messed up world, dominant superstructures of thought endeavor to smooth over our differences, erasing the nuances in our humanity, until we are a wriggling mass of thoughtless, nameless, numbered bodies.

We are here to resist structures through poetry. Poetry has the ability to create a communal memory of resistance to this violent smoothing. A relic of what capitalism tries to make invisible.

Until forever, at the heart of The Felt is a desire to honor the infinite complexities of feeling and urgency that leads to the work published here.

Right now, those are feelings of outrage, grief, struggle, and joy.

To our contributors and to the readers of this issue, the community we are trying to build, we love you and we will always hold space for you. We give way to the most important partnership of vulnerability and ferocity, both sides of which strengthen us to protect each other in the ongoing fight.